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I post Gale related things, (and a lot of QaF), and occasionally stuff I mess around with in Photoshop when I have time.

Queer as Folk changed my life.

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Sep 18

Justin touching Brian’s ass – asked by anonymous

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brian/justin locations » babylon (part 2)

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Sep 17

You’re unbelievable.
I know.


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"That, uh, tuna-macaroni casserole?"

"You got it."

"Don’t want it. Tuna casserole means that we’re going to get stoned and have a very meaningful conversation."

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Credit: felicity @evy9seconds

Credit: felicity @evy9seconds

Sep 16

Total Gale-gasm over here!!! Fucking hell, he looks sexy here. Health-smealth…whatever!
(Credit goes to felicity @evy9seconds)


Brian Kinney fucks, sucks, rims, rams, but never cuddles.

Denial ain’t just another river in Pittsburg, Brian.

Sep 14

"You will always be young and you will always be beautiful. You’re Brian Kinney for fucks sake!

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I came to the inevitable conclusion that Brian’s face when Justin blows him is the most amazing thing in the world.

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Sep 13


Queer as Recreation pt. 2


Queer as Folk, S02E15


Queer as Folk, S02E15

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One of my favorite scenes! The passion! This is JUST acting? Wow! Now if I could only convey that emotion in my writing! TAG


favorite sex scenes

Do you actually have any NON-favorite B/J sex scenes?????


He’s never gonna change.

The evolution of Brian Kinney! Great GIF!


Worshipping all parts of Brian Kinney is good. Yesterday those lips. Today the neck. Moving on tomorrow to his cock (I hope).

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