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Queer as Folk changed my life.

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Jul 23

Jul 22
I want that shirt!

I want that shirt!

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why leave room to breathe when you can just


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Jul 21

S1 Brian Kinney: Role Model for Children Everywhere

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« Some people, when they’re born, they just come out wrong. [ .. ] You’re a sick little pervert who deserves to die.»

Gale as Connor Lang is awesome.
Love the hat, love his smooth, gentle voice, and I love Gale’s subtle facial acting. Connor’s confidence and “you can fuck off”-attitude comes out in that little thing he does with his chin. He sticks it out a bit, and suddenly he’s the ruler of them all.
I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Gale is a fantastic actor.


for a guy that was totally obsessed with locking his loft at s1 brian Kinney sure do leaves his door open a lot 

Jul 19

brian/justin locations » liberty avenue

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What do you think love is?

insp (x)

Jul 14


brian kinney is a blessing to our generation

Fuck yes!

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Justin Taylor + feeding Brian

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This man does wicked, wicked things to my mind. 
Gale Motherfucking Harold!

This man does wicked, wicked things to my mind.
Gale Motherfucking Harold!

Gale Motherfucking Harold!!!
Bow to the King!

Gale Motherfucking Harold!!!
Bow to the King!




Fuck the Lord and fuck you.

One of my favorite scenes with Gale…ever!

all those micro mimical expressions, if you know what i mean. like that little twitch of the mouth in the third on the left. there is always sth going on in his face. i never get tired watching him. so great.

All Brian’s saved up feelings from his childhood comes out right there in that scene. In that ” and fuck you” this is the scene where he finally let’s his mother go, and moves on completely. He’s no longer struggling to be accepted by her. He’s free.

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